About Jerry

Hi, I’m Jerry.  I’m a Media, Marketing and Communications Strategist with over 15 years of experience. Currently I’m a Vice President in the Strategic Solutions Group at Ipsos Open Thinking Exchange. Previously, in two stints at GSD&M, I was Vice President Digital and Interactive Media and later Senior Vice President Executive Media Director. In between, I was Group Manager of Media Strategy at Target Corporation, and, shortly, Director of Marketing at Capella University.  My illustrious career began at Campbell Mithun Esty.

So I have more or less moved my career up and down Interstate 35 from Minneapolis to Austin to Minneapolis back to Austin.  My lovely wife says we’re staying put for a bit…

I’ll be using this blog to pontificate, prognosticate and prattle on about media, communications, marketing and advertising – more or less those topics in more or less that order.  There could be some commentary on music, politics and sports popping in and out.  Maybe a bit about fatherhood as well.

(A note on politics since I brought it up – I’ve no party affiliation.  I like to badger both sides as equally as possible.)

To that end, you may also want to know that I’m a father of two with two dogs and too much loyalty to the Chicago Cubs and Chicago Bears.  I enjoy hacking up a good golf course among other simple pleasures in life.  I like single malt whiskey, strong ales, indie music and the Blues.

Follow me here, here and/or here to learn more interesting facts about me.

And, of course, you absolutely must know that I fess up to all the views and opinions shared here.  In no way should said views and opinions be projected onto, assumed to be written on behalf of, or representative of views or opinions of any person, any company or any entity that is employing or ever has employed me.  My wife doesn’t always agree with me either.


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